Eligibility to apply for a grant from the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation is based on the following Assessment Criteria and Guidelines.

Assessment Criteria

What the Foundation Looks for in Making Grants


  • whose efforts are focused principally within Utah.
  • with a history of achievement, effectiveness, and good management demonstrating a sound financial condition (supported by current and complete, certified audited financial statements).
  • which make a distinctive contribution to the community without unnecessarily duplicating other services or programs already in place.

Projects and Programs:

  • which are consistent with the Foundation’s identified focus areas.
  • which have significant potential to make a measurable impact in an area of need.
  • which the applicant organization considers of highest priority in carrying out its primary objectives in the community.
  • which show broad-based financial support from a variety of funding sources.

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Limitations and Restrictions

Funding requests will NOT be considered from the following types of organizations:

  • Those that have not received a tax exemption letter establishing 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service, unless they are a unit of government, in which case such a letter is not required.
  • Other private foundations.
  • Those of a political nature that attempt to influence legislation and/or candidacy of persons for elected public office.
  • Conduit organizations, unified funds, or those that use funds to make grants to support other organizations.
  • Those that do not have fiscal responsibility for the proposed project.

Funding requests will NOT be considered for the following types of projects or programs:

  • Contingencies, deficits, or debt reduction.
  • General endowment funds.
  • Direct aid to individuals.
  • Conferences, seminars, or medical research.
  • Requests which do not fall within the Foundation’s specified areas of interest.

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