We focus on helping to preserve and protect natural lands and support restoration and revitalization.

The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation has awarded more than $62 million throughout Utah to assist in preserving and protecting thousands of acres of valued natural lands and open spaces, and to support restoration and revitalization projects statewide that give new life to dozens of treasured places with historic significance.

In and around small communities and major cities alike – whether focused on forests, wetlands, rivers and streams, farmlands, National Parks or open landscapes – the Foundation’s grants help ensure that future generations can enjoy Utah’s extraordinary beauty. As well, the Foundation’s grants ensure that many of the state’s historic places, from well-known landmarks to little-known barns, homes, railroad stations, theaters, schools, churches and more, come back to life to be enjoyed by citizens and visitors for generations to come.

These historic places and natural spaces give a unique richness to Utah’s future,” says Foundation President Lisa Eccles. “Though our state is growing rapidly, we still have a chance to safeguard its most significant natural lands and historic treasures. It’s not only a rare and exceptional opportunity – it’s a responsibility.

30-year Legacy Partnerships

More than three decades ago, few nonprofit organizations existed in Utah with a defined focus on preserving and protecting Utah’s vast natural lands and resources along with its historic places and traditions. While today there are many such organizations, three led the way: the American West Heritage Center, The Nature Conservancy in Utah and the Utah Heritage Foundation, now re-named Preservation Utah.

The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation has been proud to partner with these three organizations for more than 30 years, and shares their confidence that even greater success in meeting their goals and challenges lies ahead as, together, we work to ensure that the natural beauty and significant history of our state remain as vital for future generations as they are today

  • American West Heritage Center, Wellsville
  • The Nature Conservancy In Utah, Salt Lake City
  • Preservation Utah, Salt Lake City


Grant-Making Guidelines

Foundation gifts in this area are directed to qualified charitable organizations that preserve and protect the natural environment, and to those involved in historic preservation including the renovation and restoration of unique historic structures, and programs that foster an understanding and appreciation of the history of Utah and its many cultures.